Toolshed + FREE Energizer: Head and Shoulders, Baby!

NEW Toolshed from Tiffany Hitchcock As choir leaders, we want our children to always sing their best. We plan and prepare, but at some point we lost the attention of our singers during rehearsal. When we see eyes wandering, bodies fidgeting, hear yawns and sighs — what do we do? Get up and move! Movement and engagement go hand in… Read more »

Freebie: Toreador’s Boomwhackers!

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The Growing in Grace Creative Team demonstrated a fun, new activity from the Spring semester of “All Creation Sings” curriculum! Although found in the Older Children’s unit, this activity would be perfect with children of most any age! FREEBIE: Download an activity visual for Toreador’s Boomwhackers and the demonstration MP3! Toreador’s Boomwhackers Visual   If you haven’t already purchased your Spring… Read more »

Getaway Workshops 2017: Find the sessions you won’t want to miss!

  The entire Growing in Grace team will help you unpack the “All Creation Sings” fall curriculum with breakout sessions for Preschool, Younger Children, and Older Children. Purposeful specialty sessions, guest clinicians, and some “fun”derful surprises make this a not-to-be-missed road trip! Session 1: Exploring the Extras – Carol Dickerson and Paula Farrar Discover the hidden jewels found in curriculum… Read more »

Meet the Spring Curriculum Writers for Be Strong in the Lord!

Take a moment to read about the minds behind the Be Strong in the Lord Spring Curriculum! Debbie Stevens, Preschool Writer A Texas native, Debbie Stevens has served churched in Texas and Tennessee. Currently, Debbie feels abundantly blessed to minister to individuals and families in her position as Ministry Assistant to the Pastor at First Baptist Church of Plano, Texas. She… Read more »

Two Locations for Growing in Grace Getaway Workshops in 2017

  The entire Growing in Grace team will help you unpack the “All Creation Sings” fall curriculum with breakout sessions for Preschool, Younger Children, and Older Children. Purposeful specialty sessions, guest clinicians, and some “fun”derful surprises make this a not-to-be-missed road trip! Session topics include: All Creation Sings – Preschool Children All Creation Sings – Younger Children All Creation Sings… Read more »

Unplugged: #DaretoDisconnect Discount Offer

Now is the perfect time to preview Unplugged, the first children’s musical from Growing in Grace. Tackling the cultural challenge of unplugging in our digital age, this witty and timely musical dares us to disconnect from the things that distract us from one another and from Christ. Written by award-winning composers Dennis and Nan Allen, all music and drama are… Read more »

A Special Offer in Time for Christmas!

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Looking for a Christmas stocking stuffer for the children in your life? Need gifts for your children’s choir, Sunday School, or classroom? Activity Kits from Growing in Grace make the perfect holiday gift! Through December 31, 2016, 10-pack specials of either Sing and Play Activity Kits or Hymns and Bible Songs Activity Kits, and a 2-pack special of both titles are available exclusively from Celebrating Grace!… Read more »

Helpful Ideas for Dealing with Absences in Your Children’s Music Ministry

As we head into the holiday season, the Growing in Grace Creative Team’s Carol Dickerson, Paula Farrar, and Dora Ann Purdy share tips to help you anticipate student absences, encourage attendance, and present your program with confidence in this busy season. Give rehearsal and performance information to parents at the beginning of the year or semester. Families can plan around performances if they know… Read more »

Get Ready for “Stress Free” Christmas Programs and Pageants

Enlist enough helpers for the size of your choir. Don’t try to do everything yourself… let your helpers feel needed! Communicate date, time, and appropriate attire to choir families. Send information well in advance and repeatedly. Consider ensembles of three for solo singing parts. Three voices blend better than two. And, if a child gets sick or can’t participate at… Read more »

Shared Rehearsal Space Solutions

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More often than not, children’s choir shares space with other ministries of the church or school — Sunday School, scouts, missions groups, quilters, and more. When your rehearsal room has to do double duty while being careful to keep others’ displays and bulletin boards in order, we have four handy suggestions. Flip Charts are Your Friend Office or school supply… Read more »

Welcome James Barnard, Music Editor

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Growing in Grace is pleased to welcome James Barnard as Music Editor. James brings a wide skill set to our Creative Team. He is a pianist, vocalist, conductor, and music editor. For eight years, James was Church Choral Editor for Hal Leonard Corporation. During his time there, he managed and produced hundreds of choral and keyboard publications for Shawnee Press…. Read more »

Save the Date: Spring Webinar

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Get ready for a Growing in Grace exclusive Spring webinar. We are bringing the entire creative team to you!  SAVE THE DATE:  Thursday, January 5, 2017 1:00 p.m. EST/ 12:00 p.m. CST/ 10:00 a.m. PST All “Be Strong in the Lord” Spring curriculum purchasers will be eligible to join this helpful, one-hour session. Terry Taylor, Dora Ann Purdy, Paula Farrar, and… Read more »

Tech Tutorial with Terry Taylor

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Do you use PowerPoint or presentation software in your choir rehearsals? Ever wished you could, but don’t know where to start? Managing Editor Terry Taylor has prepared a helpful tutorial to demonstrate how to import pages directly from the Growing in Grace curriculum into PowerPoint. Let us know if you would like to have additional tech tutorials like this one…. Read more »

Freebie: Popsicle Treats Activity

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Popsicle Treats Activity gives children an opportunity to play a singing game and practice singing correct vowel sounds and sol-mi melody patterns. [Preparation: Cut apart Popsicle Treat Cards, and glue to popsicle/craft sticks to make”microphones” for student singing.] Introduce the “Popsicle Treats” song. Sing “Popsicle Treats,” omitting the question/answer part, as children listen. Indicate the sol mi mi pattern with hand signs or… Read more »

Playing with Purpose

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You often see or hear our signature descriptive phrase: “Growing in Grace is an age-appropriate music curriculum that nurtures children spiritually while they sing, play, and move.” Our creative team strives to bring that statement to life in our materials with every song, activity, devotional, and KidPage. In fact, a quick review of our Scope and Sequence reveals that Growing in… Read more »