Monthly Archives: April 2016

Unplugged Musical: Preview Packs Available!

Listen first exclusively here!  Following the command of Hebrews 12:1, this timely and witty musical dares us to disconnect from things that distract us from one another and from Christ. Written by award-winning composers Dennis and Nan Allen, all music and drama are appropriate from grades 1 through 6. The Preview Pack is available NOW and contains a listening CD… Read more »

Freebie: Freeze, Guys! Visuals and Activities

This week, we’d like to offer a freebie activity from our Growing in Grace curriculum: the Freeze, Guys! Visuals and Activities!                           Use Freeze, Guys! as a boredom buster: Play a song, and ask children to skate around the room to the steady beat. Stop the recording randomly. When the music… Read more »