Monthly Archives: June 2016

God’s Magical Gift of Music by Nan Grantham

This week, we celebrated the 80th birthday of Nan Grantham, a well-loved contributor to the Growing in Grace family. In honor of her time and talents that have been devoted to children’s choirs throughout the Southeast, we would like to share with you an article of inspiration as part of your summer reading. Nan has been our inspiration; let her be yours. … Read more »

Five Purposeful Preps To Do This Summer…

You know that feeling of coming home after a long day at work to a crockpot filled with a scrumptious supper? The early morning (or late night) prep was all worth it! Right? Carol Dickerson, our Design Editor for Preschool and Younger Children, has polled her colleagues and drawn from her experience to share their top five purposeful summer preps…. Read more »

About “Unplugged” from Dennis and Nan Allen

Connectivity. It’s become quite the buzzword these days — and a selling point for various entities that provide devices and plans to keep us communicating. And, yet, the better and faster our Internet and data connections, the weaker our links to each other have become. That’s what this musical is about. We believe that we must choose to unplug from… Read more »