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Tech Tutorial with Terry Taylor

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Do you use PowerPoint or presentation software in your choir rehearsals? Ever wished you could, but don’t know where to start? Managing Editor Terry Taylor has prepared a helpful tutorial to demonstrate how to import pages directly from the Growing in Grace curriculum into PowerPoint. Let us know if you would like to have additional tech tutorials like this one…. Read more »

Freebie: Popsicle Treats Activity

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Popsicle Treats Activity gives children an opportunity to play a singing game and practice singing correct vowel sounds and sol-mi melody patterns. [Preparation: Cut apart Popsicle Treat Cards, and glue to popsicle/craft sticks to make”microphones” for student singing.] Introduce the “Popsicle Treats” song. Sing “Popsicle Treats,” omitting the question/answer part, as children listen. Indicate the sol mi mi pattern with hand signs or… Read more »

Playing with Purpose

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You often see or hear our signature descriptive phrase: “Growing in Grace is an age-appropriate music curriculum that nurtures children spiritually while they sing, play, and move.” Our creative team strives to bring that statement to life in our materials with every song, activity, devotional, and KidPage. In fact, a quick review of our Scope and Sequence reveals that Growing in… Read more »

Repost: What My iPhone Stole From Me

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This week, the Growing in Grace staff has come across an article that speaks to the need to disconnect from technology that would distract us from Christ and from one another, the theme of our first-ever children’s musical: Unplugged: #DaretoDisconnect. If you would like to read the post by Christi Straub as featured on the blog by Joshua Straub, Ph.D., please follow… Read more »