Monthly Archives: November 2016

Helpful Ideas for Dealing with Absences in Your Children’s Music Ministry

As we head into the holiday season, the Growing in Grace Creative Team’s Carol Dickerson, Paula Farrar, and Dora Ann Purdy share tips to help you anticipate student absences, encourage attendance, and present your program with confidence in this busy season. Give rehearsal and performance information to parents at the beginning of the year or semester. Families can plan around performances if they know… Read more »

Get Ready for “Stress Free” Christmas Programs and Pageants

Enlist enough helpers for the size of your choir. Don’t try to do everything yourself… let your helpers feel needed! Communicate date, time, and appropriate attire to choir families. Send information well in advance and repeatedly. Consider ensembles of three for solo singing parts. Three voices blend better than two. And, if a child gets sick or can’t participate at… Read more »