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Growing in Grace, a faith-based, age-appropriate music curriculum, nurtures children spiritually while they sing, play, and move. Developed and field tested by experienced music educators and children’s choir leaders, songs are carefully written with singable texts, memorable melodies, and engaging accompaniments to inspire and appeal to children.

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Your Year Planned

  • Age-specific curriculum designed for preschool, younger elementary and older elementary children.
  • Each annual curriculum contains two multi-week units filled with engaging songs, plentiful resource materials, and detailed instructions for guiding your children’s learning experiences.
  • Curriculum can be purchased by semester or for the full year.

100% Singable, 100% Useable

  • Draws from a wealth of trusted writers and designers committed to excellence in children’s music.
  • Filled with only the most fun, creative, usable music and activities, field-tested by choir directors in the trenches.

Purposeful, Fun-filled, Hands On

  • Abundant resources employing multiple learning styles, online resources, and media technology.
  • KIDPages provide colorful, engaging fun to make every minute count and colorful visuals to enhance musical and spiritual concepts.
  • Song Teaching Steps offer easy-to-follow instructions and activities for groups of all sizes.

Growing the love of God through song.

  • Music, the most natural mode of learning and expression for children, is the heart of Growing in Grace.
  • All songs are carefully written to inspire and appeal to children, theologically and musically, with singable texts, memorable melodies, and engaging accompaniments.


Growing in Grace Children’s Music Curriculum is available for the full year or by semester for three age groups: Preschool, Younger Children, and Older Children.  Curriculum is available with a choice of CD or digital download format and includes demonstration and accompaniment recordings, abundant teaching materials and colorful visuals, and easy-to-follow instructions and activities for groups of all sizes. Curriculum themes are non-sequential, and can be utilized in any order.

In our sixth year of production, Growing in Grace currently offers five complete curriculum themes, as outlined below.  All of our curriculum series is available for purchase from the Celebrating Grace website, found here.