Get Ready for “Stress Free” Christmas Programs and Pageants

  • wreathEnlist enough helpers for the size of your choir. Don’t try to do everything yourself… let your helpers feel needed!
  • Communicate date, time, and appropriate attire to choir families. Send information well in advance and repeatedly.
  • Consider ensembles of three for solo singing parts. Three voices blend better than two. And, if a child gets sick or can’t participate at the last minute, the part is covered, and no one is left to perform alone.
  • Practice in the performance space, not just the choir room, to familiarize children with the sanctuary, auditorium, stage, or other “new” area.
  • Plan a fun break during that long, last rehearsal: an activity or game with extra movement to break up the time. Also, plan to have a healthy snack and water for the children.
  • Evaluate and move forward. When things don’t go as you’d planned, don’t dwell on what went wrong.
  • Prepare the children spiritually. Help them understand they are leading in a worship experience and not just giving a performance.
  • Relax! If you are relaxed, the children will be, too.
  • Enjoy the beauty of the children’s voices and their offering of praise.
A hearty thanks for these tips goes to Growing in GraceĀ users Sarah Stafford, Brenda Odom, and our creative team.

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