Get the Scoop on the Getaway Workshop!

Want to know more about the upcoming Growing in Grace Getaway Workshop? See what Editors Paula Farrar, Carol Dickerson, and Dora Ann Purdy have to say in this brief video:

The entire Growing in Grace creative team will lead sessions on:
  • Unpacking Be Strong in the Lord curriculum for each age group
  • Using our Step-by-Step curriculum companion to the max
  • Singing through all the songs in the fall and spring curriculum
  • Making your own activities
  • Children and worship
  • Talk back with the team/ Q and A
  • Choir coordinators’ specific needs and role
  • Complete sing-along of our new Unplugged children’s musical
Drumming with Carol James
BBQ and Watermelon Fellowship
Your welcome bag will overflow with value-added materials.

Join Us! 
August 5 and 6
First Baptist Church of Murfreesboro, Tennessee
200 East Main Street

What are you waiting for?
Join choir leaders already registered from Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Indiana, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Illinois, Mississippi, and Missouri at the Getaway Workshop!


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