Shared Rehearsal Space Solutions

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clothespinsMore often than not, children’s choir shares space with other ministries of the church or school — Sunday School, scouts, missions groups, quilters, and more. When your rehearsal room has to do double duty while being careful to keep others’ displays and bulletin boards in order, we have four handy suggestions.

Flip Charts are Your Friend

Office or school supply stores have oversized flip charts that can be easily transported or conveniently stored in a closet. Mount your visual displays, activities, and rebuses to the pages of the flip chart, and you are good to go. Take a few extra moments to create quick reference tabs (colored tabs help) on the sides of the chart pages to save rehearsal time searching for your desired activity or display.

Go Retro with a Clothesline

Suspend clothesline or thin wire across a wall or portion of the room to hang your visuals with clothespins. Dollar and discount stores have colorful clothespins, but the wooden ones are fun, too. Your choir kids will love “hanging out the clothes” as you move through rehearsal. You can even get fancy with a retractable clothesline.

Get Mobile with Overhead Space

Create mobile bulletin boards that hang from drop ceiling frames using 4’x8′ foam core. If possible, build a simple wooden frame for your foam core from 1’x4′ lumber. This will make your free-hanging bulletin board sturdy. Insert eye screws in the top of your frame and insert thin wire. Clips made to slide onto the drop ceiling frame can be found at most home improvement or hardware stores. Suspend your wire from the eye screw to the frame clip. Bonus: Both sides of the foam core can be used. We suggest push pins or staples for securing displays to the foam core.

Post It and Forget It

Office supply stores have oversized “post it notes.” These are generally safe to use on walls and even over other bulletin board displays. Make the “post it note” page your foundation to protect existing wall or bulletin board displays. And, put your visuals and rebuses on top. When rehearsal is over, peel your “post it” pages off for a quick room transformation.

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