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Freebie: Toreador’s Boomwhackers!

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The Growing in Grace Creative Team demonstrated a fun, new activity from the Spring semester of “All Creation Sings” curriculum! Although found in the Older Children’s unit, this activity would be perfect with children of most any age! FREEBIE: Download an activity visual for Toreador’s Boomwhackers and the demonstration MP3! Toreador’s Boomwhackers Visual   If you haven’t already purchased your Spring… Read more »

Freebie: Popsicle Treats Activity

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Popsicle Treats Activity gives children an opportunity to play a singing game and practice singing correct vowel sounds and sol-mi melody patterns. [Preparation: Cut apart Popsicle Treat Cards, and glue to popsicle/craft sticks to make”microphones” for student singing.] Introduce the “Popsicle Treats” song. Sing “Popsicle Treats,” omitting the question/answer part, as children listen. Indicate the sol mi mi pattern with hand signs or… Read more »

Freebie: Note Value Tourney

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Download the full instruction and activity components: Note Value Tourney Activity and Teaching Steps Review the Note Value Tourney Chart.           Tell children that each symbol on the chart has a value which designates its duration of sound or silence when used in music. Explain that the basic value of notes is one beat. Some notes are a… Read more »

Freebie: Freeze, Guys! Visuals and Activities

This week, we’d like to offer a freebie activity from our Growing in Grace curriculum: the Freeze, Guys! Visuals and Activities!                           Use Freeze, Guys! as a boredom buster: Play a song, and ask children to skate around the room to the steady beat. Stop the recording randomly. When the music… Read more »

Keeping the Beat Activity by Dora Ann Purdy

Steady beat is the most fundamental concept in music. It’s the ongoing, repetitive pulse that occurs in songs, chants, rhymes, and music. It’s the part that makes you want to tap your toes, clap your hands, or jump up and dance like no one is watching. It’s all about the “timing.” 1. General understandings about rhythm and beat Music has a steady beat…. Read more »

Round Out Your Rehearsal with Hula Hoops!

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As featured in this month’s Greenhouse Newsletter, we are featuring an article by Keith Pate, one of our very first Growing in Grace curriculum writers and a favorite clinician at children’s choir workshops around the country. He graciously shared a few of his clever hula hoop activities for movement, listening, and musical skills for our Greenhouse Blog and Newsletter subscribers. Here are… Read more »