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Freebie: Popsicle Treats Activity

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Popsicle Treats Activity gives children an opportunity to play a singing game and practice singing correct vowel sounds and sol-mi melody patterns. [Preparation: Cut apart Popsicle Treat Cards, and glue to popsicle/craft sticks to make”microphones” for student singing.] Introduce the “Popsicle Treats” song. Sing “Popsicle Treats,” omitting the question/answer part, as children listen. Indicate the sol mi mi pattern with hand signs or… Read more »

Freebie: Freeze, Guys! Visuals and Activities

This week, we’d like to offer a freebie activity from our Growing in Grace curriculum: the Freeze, Guys! Visuals and Activities!                           Use Freeze, Guys! as a boredom buster: Play a song, and ask children to skate around the room to the steady beat. Stop the recording randomly. When the music… Read more »

Freebie: Animal Stackers Activity and Teaching Steps!

This week, the Growing in Grace Team has selected to share with you a favorite activity from our Preschool Curriculum. The Animal Stackers activity is ideal for encouraging students to sing individually in a playful and non-intimidating environment. For a downloadable PDF of this activity and the accompanying instructions, click here: Animal Stackers Activity and Teaching Steps.          

Welcome to the Greenhouse Blog from Growing in Grace!

Welcome to the Greenhouse Blog from Growing in Grace! We want this to become your favorite blog for children’s choir inspiration! So, please subscribe, visit often, and share this good news with your friends and colleagues, especially when you want to introduce them to Growing in Grace. Our blog is designed to better connect with our Growing in Grace community, provide you with additional… Read more »