Unplugged: #DaretoDisconnect Discount Offer

Now is the perfect time to preview Unplugged, the first children’s musical from Growing in Grace.

Preview Pack Unplugged

Tackling the cultural challenge of unplugging in our digital age, this witty and timely musical dares us to disconnect from the things that distract us from one another and from Christ.

Written by award-winning composers Dennis and Nan Allen, all music and drama are appropriate for grades 1 through 6. Purchase individual components or the Complete Musical Bundle (full score, script, production notes, Song Teaching Steps, Song Teaching Visuals, devotionals, clipart, and rhythm charts).

Use the coupon code below to save 30% on the Unplugged Preview Pack which includes Preview Director’s Score with script and Listening MP3s (songs and drama).


Order the Unplugged: #DaretoDisconnect Preview Pack today,
for Digital Download for a CD Version.

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